Tuesday, December 22, 2015

To Grasp the Holy Grail (Free Blackout Channeling Ebook)

Act out ancient revelations
shift your reality to grasp the Holy Grail
open these secret doors for the future


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"Channeling An Ancient Alien" 

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More Blackout Channelings:

in the slippery realms of waking dreams
faeries desperately want to normalize
into a legitimate object of study

to be the absolutely unknown
available for anyone to see
a Mystery struck by lightning

awake the dreaming man
the flying bird
the blue smoke
and make music
and live in light

Man in the Moon
thinking of a face
rather than a chance shadow

You and I
we are incarnating again
my spacetime relative
we come together as one
enclosing a Dream of Joy
body and soul entwined
in Communion

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Old Friend Anubis / Lucid Madness in Ancient Egyptian / Be My Flying Saucer

More SuperNatural ParaNormalities:

a man with the head of a black dog
at my front door

my old friend Anubis
wearing a
traditional Egyptian costume

what I found puzzling
in my normal waking state

catching the eye in the pyramid
consciously tuning in to coincidences
and weird information

until glittering patterns emerge
in a yin/yang
of skepticism and lucid madness

just before the final showdown
speak ancient Egyptian
walk out of the house and point to the sky
at a large hovering UFO


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letters From An Ancient Alien

Philip Coppens (1971 – 2012) was a Belgian author, focused on fringe science and alternative history. In his house in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) there were found some letters 'from an ancient alien'. Read them here:

Poor Ancient Alien, A Long Way From Home.

Death of a Pope: UFO's Are the Servants of GOD.