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The Events of 9/11 Predicted in a Book?

It sounds completely unbelievable, and yet... it seems to be true! After a lifetime of inexplicable and often terrifying contacts with the supernatural, Dr. Donald Ryles PhD was spiritually guided to encode seventeen warnings and messages concerning 9-11 in a book that was fully copyrighted 4 years before the events took place! In the pages of this book, "Many, But One" were the flight numbers of the planes used in the attacks numerologically encoded. This book also contains a vivid description of the war that followed and the feelings of the world after these horrible events...

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There is No Death by Florence Marryat | Quazen

There is No Death by Florence Marryat | Quazen

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Florence Marryat (1833-1899) was a British novelist, playwright, spiritualist, revue singer and actress in Gilbert & Sullivan operettas.
Florence Marryat was the daughter of the famous author Captain Frederick Marryat and was particularly well known for her involvement with the spiritual movement – and mediums – of the late 19th century. Florence Marryat wrote about 90 novels, adapted some of them for the stage and even took a role in a drama she had written. Her most notable work is There Is No Death (1891).

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There is No Death by Florence Marryat | Quazen

Her major work There Is No Death is being published now on the web on the site GhostWritings.

One of her psychic investigations was recounted here: There Is No Death in Bruges-la-Morte.

Florence’s father, Captain Marryat, played an important part in the famous story of The Ghost Photograph of the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.

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Nostradamus and the End of the World... not in 2012, but in 3797?

To all the Nostradamus-believers who believe Nostradamus predicted somewhere the End of the World in 2012... Here is The Preface of Michael Nostradamus to his Prophecies, as published by Nostradamus himself, in 1555. It contains the very important phrase: "I have composed books of prophecies, containing each one hundred astronomic quatrains of forecasts, which I have tried to polish through obscurely, and which are perpetual vaticinations, from now to the year 3797.

The preface was taken from the Charles A. Ward edition of 1891, The Oracles of Nostradamus. Ward was a noted British scholar and historian, one of the great "Nostradamians" of the Victorian age. The footnotes are his work.

For more information on Charles A. Ward and a full online edition of his work, please consult the magnificent Sacred Texts Archives of J.B. Hare.

Nostradamus Articles:

Nostradamus, the Black President and the End of the World in 2012  

Nostradamus, the Mayan Calendar and the End of the World in 2012 

About Nostradamus, Obama and the Antichrist


Préface À Mon Fils



To César Nostradamus his son, life and felicity. Thy late arrival, 1 César Nostradamus my son, has made me bestow much time, through nightly vigils, to leave you in writing a memorial to refer to, after the corporal extinction of your progenitor, that might serve for the common profit of mankind, out of what the Divine Being has permitted me to learn from the revolution of the stars. And since it has pleased the immortal God that thou shouldst come into the natural light of this terrene abode, and shouldst say that thy years are not yet calculated astronomically, and thy March months are incapable to receive in their weak understanding what I must necessarily record [as to happen] after my time:--seeing also that it is not possible to leave thee in writing what might suffer injury and be obliterated by time; for the inherited gift of occult prediction will remain confined to my own bowels:--considering that events of human proposal are uncertain, whilst all is governed and directed by the incalculable power of Heaven, guiding us, not by

[paragraph continues] Bacchic fury, nor yet by Lymphatic 1 motion, but by astronomical assertion--"Soli numine divino afflati præsagiunt et spirito prophetico particularia." 2
Although for years past I have predicted, a long time in advance, what has afterwards come to pass, and in particular regions attributing the whole accomplishment to divine power and inspiration, also other unfortunate and fortunate occurrences have been pronounced with accelerated promptitude which have since happened in other parts of the world,--for I was willing to maintain silence and to pass over matters that might prove injurious [if published] not only as relates to the present time, but also for the most part of future time, if committed to writing, since kingdoms, sects, and religions will pass through stages so very contrary, and, as regards the present time, diametrically opposed,--that if I were to relate what will happen in the future, governors, sectaries, and ecclesiastics would find it so ill-accordant with [si] their auricular fancy, that they would go near to condemn what future ages will know and perceive to be true. Considering also the sentence of the true

[paragraph continues] Saviour, "Nolite sanctum dare canibus neque mittatis rnargaritas vestras ante porcos, ne forte conculcent eas pedibus suis, et conversi dirumpant vos" [Matt. vii. 6].
This it is which has led me to withhold my tongue from the vulgar, and my pen from paper. But, later on, I thought I would enlarge a little, and declare in dark and abstruse sayings in consideration of [pour] the vulgar advent [vid, Le Pelletier, i. 163] the most urgent of its future causes, as perceived by me, be the revolutionary changes what they may, so only as not to scandalize the auricular frigidity (of my hearers), and write all down under a cloudy figure that shall essentially and above all things be prophetical. Although "Abscondidisti hæc à sapientibus, et prudentibus, id est, potentibus et regibus, et enucleasti ea exiguis et tenuibus." 1 By the grace of God and the good angels, the Prophets have had committed to them the spirit of vaticination, by which they see things at a distance, and are enabled to forecast future events. For there is nothing that can be accomplished without Him, whose power and goodness are so great to all His creatures as long as they put their trust in Him, much as they may be [exposed] or subject to other influences, [yet] on account of their likeness to the nature of their good guardian angel [or genius] that heat and prophetic power draweth nigh to us, as do the rays of the sun which cast their influence alike upon bodies that are elementary and non-elementary. As for ourselves personally who are but human, we can attain to nothing by our own unaided natural knowledge, nor the bent of our intelligence, in the way of deciphering the recondite secrets of God the Creator. "Quia non est nostrum noscere tempora,

nec momenta," 1 etc. Although, indeed, now or hereafter some persons may arrive to whom God Almighty may be pleased to reveal by imaginative impression some secrets of the future, as accorded in time past to judicial astrology, when [que for quand] a certain power and volitional faculty came upon them, as a flame of fire appears. 2 They grew inspired, and were able to judge of all inspiration, human and divine, alike. For the divine works, which are absolutely universal, God will complete; those which are contingent, or medial, the good angels direct; and the third sort come under the evil angels. 3
Perhaps, my son, I speak to thee here a little too occultly. But as to the hidden vaticinations which come to one by the subtle spirit of fire, or sometimes by the understanding disturbed, [it may even be, by] contemplating the remotest stars, as being intelligences on the watch, even to giving utterance to declarations [that] being taken down in writing declare, without favour, and without any taint of improper

loquacity, that all things whatsoever proceed from the divine power of the great eternal Deity from whom all goodness emanates. Further, my son, although I have inserted the name of prophet, I do not desire to assume a title of so high sublimity at the present moment. For he who "Propheta dicitur hodie, olim vocabatur videns;" 1 for, strictly speaking, my son, a prophet is one who sees things remote from the knowledge of all mankind. Or, to put the case; to the prophet, by means of the perfect light of prophecy, there he opened up very manifestly divine things as well as human; which cannot come about, seeing that the effects of future prediction extend to such remote periods. Now, the secrets of God are incomprehensible, and their efficient virtue belongs to a sphere far remote from natural knowledge; for, deriving their immediate origin from the free will, things set in motion causes that of themselves could never attract such attention as could make them recognized, either by human augury, or by any other knowledge of occult power; it is a thing comprised only within the concavity of heaven itself, from the present fact of all eternity, which comes in itself to embrace all time.
Still, by the means of some eternal power, by an epileptic Herculean agitation, the causes by the celestial movement become known. I do not say, my son, in order that you may fully understand me, that the knowledge of this matter cannot yet impress itself upon thy feeble brain, that very remote future causes may not come within the cognizance of a reasonable being; if they are, notwithstanding, purely the creation of the intellectual soul of things present, future things are not by any means too hidden or concealed. But the perfect knowledge of causes cannot be acquired without divine inspiration; since all prophetic inspiration derives its

first motive principle from God the Creator, next from good fortune, and then from nature. Wherefore the independent causes being independently produced, or not produced, the presage partially happens, where it was predicted. For the human understanding, being intellectually create', cannot a penetrate occult causes, otherwise than by the voice of a genius by means of the thin flame (vid. page 68) [showing] to what direction future causes incline to develop themselves. And further, my son, I implore you never to apply your understanding on such reveries and vanities as dry up the body and bring perdition to the soul and disturb all the senses. In like manner, I caution you against the seduction of a more than execrable magic, that has been denounced already by the sacred Scriptures, by the divine canons of the Church--although we have to exempt from this judgment Judicial Astrology. By the aid of this it is, and by divine revelation and inspiration, united with deep calculations, we have reduced our prophecies to writing. And, notwithstanding that this occult philosophy was not reproved by the Church, I have felt no desire to divulge their unbridled promptings. Although many volumes have come before me, which had laid hidden for many ages. But dreading what might happen in the future, after reading them, I presented them to Vulcan, and as the fire kindled them, the flame, licking the air, shot forth an unaccustomed brightness, clearer than the light is of natural flame, resembling more the explosion of powder, casting a subtle illumination over the house as if the whole were wrapped in sudden conflagration.--So that at last you might not in the future be abused by searching for the perfect transformation, lunar or solar, or incorruptible metals hidden under the earth, or the sea, I reduced them to ashes.--But as to the judgment
which perfects itself by means of the celestial judgment, that I am desirous to manifest to you: by that method you may have cognizance of things future, avoiding all fantastic imaginations that may arise, and limiting the particularity of the topics by divine and supernatural inspiration; harmonizing with the celestial figures these topics, and that part of time, which the occult property has relation to, by the potential virtue and faculty divine, in whose presence the three aspects of time are clasped in one by eternity--an evolution that connects in one causes past, present, and future--"quia omnia sunt nuda et aperta, etc." 1--
From all which, my son, you can easily comprehend, notwithstanding your tender brain, the things that are to happen can be foretold by nocturnal and celestial lights, which are natural, coupled to a spirit of prophecy,--not that I would assume the name or efficacy of a prophet, but, by revealed inspiration, as a mortal man the senses place me no farther from heaven than the feet are from the earth. "Possum non errare, falli, decipi," 2 (albeit) I am the greatest sinner in this world, and heir to every human affliction. But being surprised sometimes in the ecstatic work, amid prolonged calculation, and engaged in nocturnal studies of sweet odour, I have composed books of prophecies, containing each one hundred astronomic quatrains of forecasts, which I have tried to polish through obscurely, and which are perpetual vaticinations, from now to the year 3797. It is possible that this figure will make some lift up their forehead, at such a vast extent of time, and variety of things to take place under the concave journey of the moon; and this universal treatment of causes, my son,

throughout the earth, which, if you reach the natural age, of man, you will see in your climate, under the heaven of your proper nativity, as things that have been foreseen.
Although the everlasting God alone knows the eternity of the light proceeding from Himself, I say frankly to all to whom He has decreed in long and melancholy inspiration to reveal His limitless magnitude, which is beyond both mensuration and comprehension, that by means of this occult cause divinely manifested, principally by two chief causes, comprised in the understanding of the inspired one who prophesies. One is that which comes by infusion, which clarifies the supernatural light, in him who predicts by astral process, or forecasts by inspired revelation, which is practically a participation in the divine eternity, by which means the prophet comes to judge of that which his share of divine spirit has given him, by means of communication with God the Creator, and the natural endowment accorded him. It is to know that what is predicted is true, and has had a heavenly origin; that such light and the thin flame is altogether efficacious; that it descends from above, no less than does natural clearness; and natural light renders philosophers quite sure of their principles, so that by means of the principles of a first cause they have penetrated the profoundest abysses and attained the loftiest doctrines.
But to this end, my son, that I may not wander too profoundly for the future capacity of thy senses, and also because I find that letters shall suffer great and incomparable loss, and that I find the world before the universal conflagration, such deluges and deep submersion, that there will remain scarcely any land not covered with water, and that for so long a period, that everything will perish except Ethnographies and Topographies. Further, after and before these inundations, in many districts the rains will have been
so slight, and there will fall from heaven such an abundance of fire and incandescent stones, that scarcely anything will remain unconsumed, and this will occur a short time before the last conflagration. Further, when the planet Mars completes its cycle, at the end of his second period, he will recommence his course. But some will gather in Aquarius through several years, and others in Cancer, which will be of still longer duration. Now that we are conducted by the moon, under the direction of the Creator, and before she has finished her entire circuit the sun will come, and then Saturn. Now, according to the celestial signs, the reign of Saturn shall come back again, so that, all calculated, the world is drawing on towards its anaragonic revolution.
From the time I am writing this, before 177 years 3 months and 11 days, by pestilence, long famine, and wars, and more still by inundations, the world between this day and that, before and after, shall be diminished, and its population so reduced that there will hardly be hands enough to attend to agriculture, and the lands will be left as long without culture as they have been under tillage. This, so far as celestial judgment manifests, that we are now in the seventh millenary, which completes all and introduces us to the eighth, where is the upper firmament of the eighth sphere, which, in a latitudinary dimension, is where the Almighty will come to complete the revolution, where the celestial figures will return to their courses, and the upper motion which renders the earth stable for us and fixed, "non inclinabitur in seculum seculorum," 1 unless His will be accomplished, and no otherwise.
Although by ambiguous opinions exceeding all natural reason by Mahometical dreams, also sometimes God the Creator by the ministry of angels of fire, and missive flame,

presents to the external senses, even of our eyes, the causes of future predictions, that indicate the future event which must manifest itself to him who presages anything. For the presage which is made by the exterior light comes infallibly to judge partly with and by means of the exterior flame; although truly the part which seems to come by the eye of the understanding springs only from the lesion of the imaginative sense. The reason is too evident, the whole is predicted by the afflatus of divinity, and by means of the angelic spirit inspired to the man prophesying, rendering him [as it were] anointed with vaticinations, visiting him to illuminate him, and, stirring the forefront of his phantasy by divers nightly apparitions no less than daily certitude, he prophesies by astronomic administration conjoined with the holiest future prediction, taking nothing into his consideration but the hardihood of his free courage.
Come at this hour to understand, my son, that I find by my revelations [astral], and which are in accordance with revealed inspiration, that the sword of death is on its way to us now, in the shape of pestilence, war (more horrible than has been known for three generations of men), and famine, that shall fall upon the earth, and return upon it at frequent intervals. For the stars accord with such a revolution, and with the written word, "Visitabo in virgâ ferrea iniquitates eorum, et in verberibus percutiam eos." 1 For the mercy of God, my son, will not be spread abroad for a time, till the major part of my prophesies shall have been accomplished, and have become by accomplishment resolved. Thus oftentimes in the course of these sinister storms the Lord will say, "Conteram ego, et confringam, et

non miserebor." 1 And a thousand other accidents will come by waters and continual rain, as I have more fully and at large set forth in my other Prophecies, which are drawn out at length, in solutâ oratione2 (in these I) designate the localities, times, and terms prefixed, that all men who come after may see, recognizing the circumstances that come about by infallible indications. As we have marked by the others where we speak more clearly, for although they are covered with a veil of cloud, they are clear enough to be comprehended by men of good intelligence: "Sed quando submoventa erit ignorantia," 3 the total will stand out with greater clearance still. Making an end here, my son, take now this gift of thy father, Michael Nostradamus, hoping to expound to thee each several prophecy of these quatrains here given, beseeching the immortal Father that He will endue thee with a long life of happy and prospering felicity.

From Salon, this 1st of March, 1555.


39:1 César Nostradamus was born at the beginning of 1555, so he was but a few weeks old when his father dedicated to him the first four "Centuries," published for the first time in 1555, by Macé Bonhonune, the printer at Lyons. In the name of this son the epistle is really a dedication to his spiritual sons; that is, to his interpreters and students in all future ages.
40:1 Lymphatics, Garencières (p. 16) tells, were anciently those who were mad for love; and he absurdly adds that the sign of it was, that such persons threw themselves into the water,--lympha meaning water. Varro says that in Greece those who were mad were called νυμφολήπτους, which means caught by nymphs. Festus, to fit this, thinks that men went mad by seeing the image of nymphs in the water fountains. Others have it that they were afraid of water, as if it were hydrophobia that possessed them. But nymphalympha approach each other so nearly, that when a man is once caught by a nymph he is, for the time being, mad to all intents and purposes,--"it is not given to a man to love and to be wise." Leaving all this to be settled as it may, there is no question but in the medical technology of Nostradamus a deep melancholy is what was understood by the Lymphatic motion,--melancholy being the temperament most apt for study, poetry, and vaticination. Garencières invents a word for the occasion, or uses one that has since grown obsolete. He employs the verb lymphatize. and
40:2 "Such alone as are inspired by the divine power can predict particular events in a spirit of prophecy"
41:1 "Thou hast hidden these things from the wise and prudent, i.e. from the powerful and from kings, and hast revealed them to the small and weak." This is Nostradamus's gloss upon Matt. xi. 25.
42:1 Acts i. 7.
42:2 Nostradamus seems, whenever he alludes to this appearance of flame as preceding vaticination, to have in his mind the descent of tongues of fire at Pentecost (Acts ii. 3), διαμεριζόμεναι γλῶσσαι ὡσεὶ πυρόσ. A flame of fire, be it observed, conveys a double symbol: it resembles a tongue in form. Its luminousness and its purifying tendency express the celestial nature of spirit, as contrasted with matter, and also inspiration. So that intrinsically and extrinsically it represents prophetic utterance. Grotius contributes an unusually good note upon this passage, pointing out that as in Genesis (xi. g), confusion of tongues scattered mankind, so hero (Acts ii. 3) the gift of tongues was to bring men again into one brotherhood.
42:3 This passage is very difficult to bring to a clear sense in translation, Garencières has simply evaded it. It seems to mean that God operates all the great effects in the universe; that, as He is the Maker, so is He the perpetual operator in the world,--its cause and life; but that the guardian angels are good and bad, and are charged with some sort of duty and office, not as affecting the mechanic frame of the world, but in respect of mankind. This is in conformity with the Cabala and Hermetical teaching; but what he precisely means cannot, I think, be quite absolutely stated.
43:1 "He who is called prophet now, once was called seer."
45:1 "For all things are naked and open."
45:2 "I am able not to err, fail, or be deceived."
47:1 "Whence it shall not deviate from age to age."
48:1 "I will visit their iniquities with a rod of iron, and with blows will strike them." This somewhat resembles a passage in the Psalms (ii. 7), but it is not a quotation.
49:1 "I will trample them and break them, and not show pity." This resembles Isai. lxiii. 3.
49:2 In prose, and not in verse, as the quatrains are. These prose forcastings have, I am afraid, been altogether lost.
49:3 "When the time arrives for the removal of ignorance."

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The Amityville Haunting: Horror or Hoax?

A November evening in 1974. The New York police are called to 112 Avenue, Amityville on Long Island. Six people have been killed in the six-bedroom house in Dutch Colonial style, with swimming pool and boathouse. This brutal mass murder is only the beginning of one of the most controversial stories of the supernatural the world has ever seen...

The scene is horrific. In the house the bloodstained bodies are found of six members of the Italian De Feo family: Ronald and his wife Louise, their daughters Dawn and Alison, their sons Mark and John. They are all face-down in their beds, shot at close range. There is no apparent motive for the killing, but suspicions turn quickly to the sole surviving member of the family, 23-year-old Ronald De Feo Jr., a drug addict. Under questioning, Ronny confesses that he has murdered in cold blood every member of his family, because "the voices" of demonic forces have told him to do so. A psychiatrist declares that Ronny may suffer from personality disorder, but that he was nevertheless fully aware of his actions at the moment of the crime...

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A Brief History of Nightmare House

Ronald De Feo Sr. seems to have sought the help of a Catholic priest in the weeks before the killings. By then, he had surrounded the building - which he had named "High Hopes" - with all sorts of religious icons and statuary, allegedly because "he had the Devil on his back". His wife possessed something like a "sixth sense". She had told the housekeeper that a tragedy would occur in "High Hopes".
The present house is built in 1924, but before that there was a house dating from 1782 on the site. This house was believed to be cursed and was dismantled because of continuous problems of a supernatural nature. Legend has it that the original Indian settlers, theMontaukett tribe, chose this piece of land because of its "power". The site was also used to bury their enemies... face-down.
In 1692, at the time of the witch trials, one John Ketcham fled from Salem and came to Amityville. Some believe he continued his witchery on the land where later "Nightmare House" would rise, and that Ketcham too was buried there. This, of course, sparked the interest of psychic researchers, who also noted that there were not gunshots heard by any neighbours in the night of the De Feo murders, and that not one single member of the family seems to have woken up before he or she was shot dead. They were all sleeping face-down, like their Indian predecessors and, according to the police investigators, there was not a silencer used on the gun...

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Enter: the Lutz Family

In December 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz and their three children move into the house in the suburban neighborhood on the south shore of Long Island. The house remained empty for the thirteen months that have passed since the DeFeo murders. George and Kathleen bought it for a bargain price of $80,000. The real estate broker had told them about the murders, but they decided this was not an issue.
George and Kathy were married in the summer of that year. They each had their own homes, but the couple wanted to start a new life in a new property. Kathy had three children from her previous marriage. And they had a dog too, Harry, a crossbreed Malamute Labrador.

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When the Lutz family moves into the house, much of the De Feo furniture is still there. A friend of George, who learned about the gruesome history of the house, begs George to have it blessed. A Catholic priest and psychotherapist, Father Ralph Pecoraro - aka "Father Ray" -, performs the blessing while George and Kathy are unpacking their belongings.
After he has sprinkled Holy Water in the sewing room, a loud and deep voice demands the Father to get out, and slaps him across the face. He doesn't mention the incident to either George or Kathy; he only tells them in a telephone call not to use the sewing room on the first floor as a bedroom, because he feels uncomfortable there. The call is cut short by static and after his visit to the house, "Father Ray" develops a high fever and blisters on his hands, similar to stigmata.

The Amityville Horror

After the Christmas festivities of 1975, Kathy is the first to sense there is something wrong. She hears sounds of scraping and banging, and she has glimpses of "movements" in her peripheral vision. Soon she is living through vivid nightmares about the murders, and she is levitated two feet off the bed by an unseen force. And the children begin to sleep on their stomachs, face-down.
George is gripped by an intense icy cold sensation and becomes obsessed with building the fire in the drawing room. There are not only cold spots in the house, but also strange odors of perfume and excrement. Green slime is oozing from the walls in the hall and through the keyhole of a door in the attic. Burned into the soot in the back of the fireplace, George finds the  image of a devil with half his head blown out.
While the house is plagued by swarms of flies (in the winter!), George wakes up around 3:15 in the morning, which is the estimated time of the DeFeo murders, to check the boathouse. He seems to hear a "German marching band" and begins drinking at The Witches' Brew, which is the bar were Ronald De Feo Jr. once was a regular customer. In the living room, George falls over a china lion of about four foot high and is left with bite marks on his ankle.
Kathy discovers a small secret room in the basement, with walls that are painted red. This "Red Room" has a profound effect on Harry, who refuses to go near it. Her youngest daughter Missy develops a relationship with an invisible friend. "Jody" looks like a pig and has bright red eyes. On January 1, 1976 clovenhoof-prints as of an enormous pig appear in the snow outside the house. One night, checking the boathouse again, George sees a pair of glowing red eyes looking at him from Missy's window.
After performing a blessing of their own, George and Kathy decide to move into the house of Kathy's mother in nearby Deer Park. The frightening phenomena seem to have followed them even there, with a "greenish-black slime" coming up a staircase. 

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The Amityville Hoax

In September 1977 The Amityville Horror - A True Story was published. This book by Jay Anson - with a title inspired by The Dunwich Horror of the horror and fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft - formed the basis of a series of films released since 1979... and much controversy and lawsuits over the truthfulness of it all. Much of the controversy can be traced back to the way the book and the films were marketed. For instance, the blurb of the original "true story" had a reference to The Exorcist, the paranormal box office success of 1973.
Father Pecoraro has given many inconsistent accounts of the Amityville events. The claim of physical damage to locks, doors and windows was rejected by Jim and Barbara Cromarty who bought the house in March 1977 and the Red Room was not a secret room, really. The claim that the house was built on the land where theShinnecock Indians once abandoned the mentally ill and dying was rejected by Native American leaders. There wasn't any snow in Amityvlle on January 1, 1976 - so the Lutzes couldn't have seen cloven hoof-prints in it. And there wasn't a Witches' Brew bar in Amityville.
In May 1977 George and Kathy filed a lawsuit against William Weber,  Ronald De Feo's defense lawyer, the paranormal writer Paul Hoffman, two alleged clairvoyants who had examined the house, Good Housekeeping magazine and the New York Sunday News which had published articles on thehauntings. In 1979, Weber said in People magazine that he had created "this horror story" together with George and Kathy Lutz "over many bottles of wine". George and Kathy Lutz denied any dishonesty on their part and took a lie detector test, which they both passed.
Kathy and George Lutz divorced in the late 1980's, but remained friends. Kathy died in 2004, George two years later. The various owners of Nightmare House since the Lutz family left it have reported no problems...

Other Famous Haunted Houses:

Chingle Hall
The House in Spaniard Street, Bruges
Famous Phantom Visitors of Hampton Court

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Ghost Stories Blog Carnival

Ghost Stories: Ghost Stories Carnival

Collection of stories about ghosts, urban legends, mythology, haunted places and other paranormal phenomena.

Ghost Stories Carnival

The deadline has been set for the very first edition of the Ghost Stories Carnival. A blog carnival is compiled list of links much like this month's Ghostly Thirteen. Here are the rules:
  • Your submissions must be paranormal related. There may be themed editions in the future but as of now anything paranormal goes.
  • Each edition will be published the first Tuesday of the month. Deadlines are set for 11:00 pm Central time the night before. You must submit your URL before the deadline. If it is submitted after, it will not be included. Check the left sidebar for information on upcoming editions.
  • Keep it clean and respectful. You can express yourself without tons of swear words. There's also no need for attacking personal opinions. We are talking about the paranormal. Everyone may not agree with you on the subject and that's okay. Play nice.
  • Categories are: article, essay, fiction, picture, review, video clip, poem. If the posted photos aren't yours, give credit to their owners. Fiction and poetry are accepted but no graphic violence/language, sex and so on. You can submit your review of a book, TV show, documentary, etc.
  • One submission per edition.
  • Your submission must be something posted within the month period. Meaning during the time between the previous carnival and the next one.
  • I reserve the right not to publish your submission without giving a reason. If you have a problem with this, don't submit.

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The Cursed Car that Started the Great War

In 1897, the three brothers Graf formed a partnership with Josef Stift and produced Austria’s first automobile. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie came to Serajevo in a brand-new Graf & Stift phaeton, a large red limousine with a four cylinder engine and front-wheel drive. The sleek automobile would have a rendezvous with history.

The Graf & Stift company had its origins in the bicycle business, but in 1914 they were building luxury automobiles for a prestigious clientele. Among the famous people who bought a Graf & Stift were members of the Austrian Imperial Court.

When he came to the Bosnian city of Sarajevo, on 29 June 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Franz Ferdinand, risked his life. In the great Austro-Hungarian empire all sorts of people were revolting: anarchists, Serbian nationalists… And he had been warned by the “Turnfalken”, the ravens which presaged disaster for the Hapsburgs.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie visited the city in their brand-new six seat, open touring car. As the Graf & Stift approached the corner of Rudolph Street, shots were fired by Gavrilo Princip, a student anarchist. Both Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were killed, but the Graf & Stift survived the attack unscathed. With this event started a conflict.

Some of the horror of that moment seems to have remained alive in the Graf & Stift, because all who owned the car thereafter had their lives cut short or were injured. In the next dozen years, the automobile of Franz Ferdinand was owned by fifteen private parties, was involved in six accidents and took the lives of thirteen people…

Full story here!

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The Secrets of Numerology: Your Occult Number

William Shakespeare’s number was 5, signifying that he was clever, fast-moving, and impatient. Shakespeare’s friends, however, called him Will, which corresponds to 4, showing a completely different side to his character – perhaps the side only his good friends knew..Numerologists believe that when this system is applied to an individual’s full name, it reveals the true nature of the personality, the characteristics that influence decisions taken throughout life.

The Secret Power of Numerology – Occult Numbers

Secretly, many people are little superstitious about numbers. Thirteen is unlucky; for some, Friday the 13th is an inauspicious day and there should never be 13 at table. On the other hand, three is a lucky – except that bad luck always comes in threes.

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The Secret Power of Numerology – Occult Numbers

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Curse of Little Bastard, the Porsche Spyder of James Dean

"You Will Be Dead Next Week!" James Byron Dean (1931-1955) was an American film actor who became a real cultural icon with such films as “Rebel Without a Cause”, “East of Eden” or “Giant”. His early death in a dramatic car accident helped to ensure his legend and was the beginning of another famous urban legend.


After Dean got the part in “East of Eden”, in the spring of 1955, the movie star went racing with his Porsche 356 Speedster and came in second in the Palm Springs Road Races, third in Bakersfield and fourth in the Santa Monica Road Races. While he was on the set of “Rebel Without a Cause”, he traded his Speedster for a Porsche 550 Spyder - one of the only 90 which were made. Filming “Giant”, he was contractually barred from racing, but after completing the movie, Dean was free to compete again.

Dean’s Spyder was customized Georges Barris, by the man who would go on to design the Batmobile. The car was called “Little Bastard” by his stunt driving coach Bill Hickman in “Giant” and this nickname was painted on it by pin striper Dean Jeffries.

On September 23, Dean asked the actor Alec Guinness to take a look at the Spyder and Guinness said the car looked “sinister” to him. “If you get in that Porsche, you will be dead next week,” he warned his colleague.

On September 30, the Porsche 550 Spyder was prepared by Dean and his mechanic Rolf Wütherich for a sports car race at Salinas, California. Dean wanted to trailer the Spyder to Salinas behind his station wagon, crewed by his coach Bill Hickman and photographer Sanford Roth, who were planning a “James Dean at the Races” story. But at the last minute, Dean decided he needed more time to familiarize himself with the Porsche, and he drove the Spyder himself. Rolf Wütherich sat beside him.

At 3:30 pm, Dean was ticketed in Kern County for driving 65 in a 55 mph zone. He was driving west on what is now State Route 46 and what was then US Route 466 - near Cholame, California - when a Ford, coming from the opposite direction, attempted to take the fork onto State Route 41. Donald Turnupseed, a 23 year old student, crossed into Dean’s lane without seeing him. The Porsche and the Ford hit almost head on.

Highway Patrol officer Ron Nelson and his partner had a coffee break in Paso Robles. They were called to the scene of the accident and found Turnupseed there with a gashed forehead and a bruised nose. Wütherich had been thrown out of the Porsche and suffered from a broken jaw and other injuries. James Dean was just being placed into an ambulance, breathing heavily. He was taken to the Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival, on September 30, at 5:59 pm.

His last words, just before impact, were: “That guy’s gotta stop!… He’ll see us!”

Wütherich survived several suicide attempts and died in a road accident in Germany, in 1981.

After Dean’s accident, many fans refused to believe their idol was dead. An urban legend emerged, stating Dean was alive, but terribly disfigured. Also, there were soon more than just a few stories circulating concerning the jinxed car, the haunted Porsche, in other words: the Little Bastard...


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The Curse of Little Bastard

Is Your Pet Paranormal?

Science still is not certain how animals "navigate" home: by the position of the sun or by the earth's magnetic field? Thanks to some sixth and superior sense of direction? And what about lost animals who find their way to their owners through unfamiliar territory?
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Biologists at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Long Beach, California, wondered whether cats could sense the presence of X rays. Researchers exposed the felines to X-radiation and found the greatest effect occured when the radiation was aimed at the olfactory bulb. According to a report in New Scientist however, the cats still retained some sensitivity to X rays after the olfactory bulb was removed. So, there may be more than one sensory receptor capable of detecting X rays, the scientists concluded.

And this brings us again to the question: how paranormal are pets, actually? Do they really have a sixth sense?

Homecoming Cats & Dogs

The cream-colored Persian cat Sugar was the pride of Mr and Mrs Woods of Anderson, California. In 1951 they decided to leave the area and because cars frightened the cat, they reluctantly left Sugar behind with the neighbors and drove to the farm in Oklahoma where they had found a new residence. Fourteen months later, Mrs Woods was standing near the barn when a cat leapt through the window and landed on her shoulder. There was no doubt this cat had to be Sugar: it had exact the same defect from which Sugar suffered - a deformed hipbone.

The homing ability of dogs is astounding. Nick, for instance, Doug Simpson's dog, disappeared during a camping trip in southern Arizona in November 1979. Simpson spent two weeks searching for the German shepherd, but eventually returned to his home in Pennsylvania. Four months later, Nick showed up at the home of Simpson's parents in Selah, Washington. The dog had crossed the Arizona Desert, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, frozen streams and snow-covered mountains, and countless highways... to collapse from exhaustion on the driveway where Doug Simpson's old car was parked.

The longest homing effort recorded, was achieved by a collie in 1923. Bobbie belonged to a family in Silverton, Oregon, and was lost on a family vacation in Walcott, Indiana. Six months later he made it back home, after traveling more than 2,000 miles. His route was traced through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. He had crossed the Rockies in the middle of the winter...

A Sense of Earthquakes

Pets seem to sense the precursor to earthquakes: the drastic changes in the magnetic field of the earth. They become nervous and frightened and often go into hiding. It was reported that in Japan, before an earthquake, goldfish tried to jump out of their bowls and in China pet birds attempted to escape from their cages.

Jim Berkland, chief geologist for California's Santa Clara County, is convinced that when the number of lost pets increases, it means the state may be hit by a quake. After his own cat ran away right before an earthquake, he went through the lost-and-found classified sections of three newspapers, counting the missing cats and dogs. He combined the number of missing animals, data on geyser and tidal activity and the position of the sun and moon, in order to ascertain when conditions are most favourable for a quake to occur. His predictions have an 82 per cent success rate.

Psychic Missie

Mildred Probert, a retired pet store manager from Denver, was the proud owner of a little terrier with extraordinary talents. The breakthrough of "Psychic Missie" came on New Year's Eve in 1965, when she was interviewed on KTLN radio.

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Lady Wonder, or: The Psychic Detective Was A Horse!

In 1925, Mrs Lord from Richmond, Virginia, purchased a two-week-old colt. A few years later, Lady Wonder came trotting toward her owners before they called her, and the horse could count and spell short words too, by maneuvering toy blocks around with her nose…

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The Doll That Grew Old in The Attic

It is the thing that Hollywood Horror films are made of. Even more particularly it is reminiscent of Oscar Wilde’s The picture of Dorian Gray.

An unnamed family, similar to any other average family, did what all families do as the children start to grow up. They had to decide that the outgrown toys, cluttering the kid’s rooms, should be got rid of or stored away. As usually happens, with many things that were cherished by the children, several of them were stored away in the attic. Amongst them was a doll. An ordinary baby-faced doll...

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