Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dream Journeys of James DeVere

"Being a vivid dreamer, all my life, it’s an opportunity to recount stories from my dreams," says James DeVere in the Introduction to his awesome and amazing Dream Journeys. "Always a vivid dreamer, it’s as if travelling the world whilst asleep, is my destiny. Vivid dreams, almost complete tales, occur when sleeping. Recounting them could be interesting, not only to expunge them from my mind, but also for anecdotes from the realm of my slumber. My nighttime imaginings seem real to me. These are my dreams..."

Dream Journeys: Part One - Nightmare in Iran
In a nightmare, I journeyed to
Tehran, where I was shown home truths.

Nightmare in Tehran - Image by Hamed Saber via Flickr

Dream Journeys: Part Two - The French Magus
After launching my bio on the Web in 1997, including my
Papua New Guinea foray, I had a strange imagining whilst I slept.

Dashing - Image via Wikipedia

In 1997, at the time my bio was published, I lived in Sydney. I would paint art all day – life was happy for me then. I created full-time, in my charming atelier, in that high-end of town. I can’t recall the exact time of year, day or date I had this extraordinary dream but one night I had a dream that, I feel was related to my initial Web site...

Dream Journeys: Part Three - Meeting Raoul and Fidel
This dream had me at top level consultation with the Castro Brothers.

Just a few months ago I dreamt I was in Havana, Cuba. For some reason I had been summoned by none other than the great leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro. The dream was some communication, although the words we exchanged were silent and hidden.

Image via Wikipedia

Dream Journeys: Part Four - Teaching People to Fly
Flying dreams form a great deal of my nighttimes’ wanderings. I even teach others how to fly in my dreams.

One exceptional dream journey took me all the way to the Kingdom of Britain where I met lovely Princess Diana.

Image via Wikipedia

Dream Journeys: Part Six - a Journey with My Dead Grandma
Just last night I dreamt of my deceased Grandma. We travelled across the parched land.

I wonder at times whether dreams are a way the dead can contact the living. As I get deeper into the telling of my dream journeys I find that dreams of the deceased have formed many a dream. Last night, a vivid dream saw me travelling with my Grandma, who has been dead for twenty-one years. This is a journey of a meeting with someone who was special to my formative years. I felt she returned to check how I was and how our family is today...

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