Monday, November 2, 2009

SuperNatural Paranormalities, by Suzanne Hayes

SuperNatural ParaNormalities, by s hayes

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A Medical Mystery: Transferred Organ Donor Consciousness

Many recipients of organ transplants, (hearts/lungs, liver, kidney) have reported significant personality changes – which in many cases, correspond to the traits of the organ donor. Could the donor’s personality, memories or consciousness remain within their tissue cells and be passed on to another human being? Transplant surgery only began to be developed in the 1970’s, so it is a relatively new technique...


10 Amazing Coincidences

We have all come across coincidences in our lives. To some they are amazing and worthy of note, to the skeptics, it is just the law of probability. Check out these 10 examples of coincidence and let me know what you think.


The Orb Phenomenon

A well reported phenomenon, but have we dismissed the potential for further investigation too soon?
Since the introduction of digital photography, strange orbs of light, usually invisible to the human eye, have appeared on photographs. Orbs photographs have been found on the older 35mm photography – but were not as prevalent. I guarantee that if you check through your digital photograph collection, you will find one, somewhere...

Life Beyond the Physical Body

Theories and events which point towards life beyond the physical body.

A monumental question which has intrigued the whole of mankind, throughout history – Is there life / consciousness beyond the physical body? Science has analysed every element, every organ, every process of the human body, and the evidence suggests that when the body fails, we simply cease to exist.
Yet, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence to hand, there remain a large percentage of the population who believe that a human life is more than the sum of its parts and that the consciousness, the spirit or soul transcends the physical form.

Time Machine, Three Trips: Where Would You Go?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a time machine? Researchers speculate that, in a model theory, time travel is possible. The theory is set out in the following link:

The possibilities would be endless – so why not take the opportunity to stretch your imagination for a few minutes. There are no right or wrong answers, everyone comes up with different answers, and it can give a revealing insight into a persons’ personality and interests.

These are the rules:

  • You can choose just three times / places to visit;
  • Your visits must be back in time (not forward);
  • You can only observe from a safe distance (a fly on the wall view) – you cannot interact or change events;
  • You cannot use the visits to achieve personal wealth – only to gain knowledge / experience of historical events / characters;
  • Visits must be to earth (and it’s moon) only and you cannot go back to any point prior to the existence of the fully formed planet Earth;
  • Your time machine can be programmed to visit a specified event / person – even if you don’t have an exact date.

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