Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Man Who Visits You In Your Dreams Is...

Chris Marlowe II, better known as theTroll of Triond, has a little announcement to make. This Man who is appearing in the dreams of thousands of people all over the world has been identified, at last. It is nobody else than Chris Marlowe II, the One &  Only...

"New York, January 2006. It was my face the patient of a well-known psychiatrist was drawing on a sheet of paper. “This Man,” she said, “is has been repeatedly appearing in my dreams. I have never met him before, and yet he gives me all sorts of advice on private matters.”
The face that was recognized some time later by another patient of the same shrink, was mine. “In my waking live I have never seen This Man before,” the patient said, “but he is visiting me in my dreams.”
It was my face that was recognized by four patients of the psychiatrist’s colleagues. They all referred to me as “This Man"."

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This Man is Chris Marlowe Ii | Authspot

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