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The Nymphomaniac Vampire of Wolfgang Schloss

Most persons have very definite convictions about ghosts, apparitions, vampires, werewolves and other eerie supernatural creatures. They either believe or disbelieve. Relatively few are content to remain open-minded about the subject. 

The charming town of St. Wolfgang on the sparkling blue Wolgangsee, nestling like a picture postcard scene at the foot of the towering Schafberg, is a resort for mountain climbers in summer skiers in winter.  It has a romantic atmosphere which probably inspired Franz Lehar to write “The Merry Widow” there.
It is but a short distance from Mayerling, the hunting lodge of Emperor Franz Josef, where the discovery of the bodies of Crown Prince Rudolf, heir to the Austrian throne, and his sweetheart, Maria Vetsera, became one of the greatest unsolved romantic tragedies in history.
One day while Austin Gerald Harmsworth, a 31-year old investment banker, and his wife Laurie, were hiking on the pine-forested slope of the Shafberg above the town, they came upon a long-unoccupied Wolfgang Schloss and were captivated by the picturesque 18th century chalet.  Later they questioned Luther Pach, proprietor of their inn, about it.
“The schloss has been vacant and for sale for about 80 years,” he told them. “The last owner was Baron von Ober, who disappeared after murdering his wife, Margot.  She is buried in the von Ober family plot in our cemetery on the edge of the town.”
“Why did the baron kill his wife?” Laurie asked.
Pach hesitated.  He was selecting his words carefully.  “You will forgive me for repeating old gossip, Frau Harmsworth, but according to the stories, she was a very wicked woman; young and beautiful, with a fine figure and golden hair, but bad. It is said that soon after she came to the schloss she began seducing impressionable young men—the mountain guides and hunters of our town.  She was insatiable in her demands..."


The Nymphomaniac Vampire of Wolfgang Schloss – Part One 

The Nymphomaniac Vampire of Wolfgang Schloss – Part Two

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Magic of Nostradamus | Socyberty

If we want to understand Nostradamus truly, it is necessary to give some attention to the views of magic he entertained and to learn from his own mouth, for instance, which readers he proposed to address… Or in what manner he tried to cultivate the spirit of prophecy and the divine gift with which he was endowed.
“Let those who read these verses meditate them seriously,” Nostradamus says here. “Let the profane and ignorant vulgar not handle them!” – Astrologers, together with “fools and savages” (sic!) have to stand off… And he who acts contrary to this statement, will be “cursed according to the rites of magic”.

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The Magic of Nostradamus

by Patrick Bernauw

Monday, December 21, 2009

Expressing Admiration for Our World... Merry Christmas!

Saying Merry Christmas to all my SU friends (aka "mutual subscribers") with this wonderful video made by Retrit from Greece, "expressing admiration for our world's history, arts, nature,... with a humorous look at life and joy for life!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Coincidence or precognition?


One may scoff at the actuality of ghosts, apparitions and poltergeists; doubt psychic phenomena; be skeptical about experiments in extrasensory perception, but there is one facet which is not thus casually to be ignored – precognition.

Call it hunch, intuition, coincidence, foreboding, premonition, or anything else, precognition is one of the best documented, most common, and at the same time, most puzzling of mysteries.  What is particularly frustrating to investigators is that the great majority of precognitive experiences occur to perfectly normal people who had little or no interest in the supernormal or the supernatural.

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Coincidence or Precognition?

by historigal 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Haunted Earth - Paranormal Investigations

Every town has its haunted mansion

The blurb for "Haunted Earth - Internet Television & Documentaries" reads as follows: "The Number One Internet Site for Original Paranormal Video and Live Streaming Investigations" - and, for once, the blurb says exactly what I think about this YouTube Channel.

Haunted Earth (Paranormal UK) and Haunted Earth America both consist of ardent ghost hunters and paranormal documentary makers based in North Essex, U.K. They do regular investigations into the paranormal and the clips of the YouTube Channel are extracted from these investigations. The Channel was created with the intention of "showing real paranormal events as they happen, and not created specially for TV audiences."

Leader of the band is Chris Halton, an internationally recognised paranormal investigator, medium and practitioner of "hands on healing". For many years, Chris had a professional career as a police officer and was trained as an intelligence officer and detective.

"Employing modern policing skills in the assessment and dissemination of intelligence data, I have been able to utilise my mediumship ability to provide a detailed and thorough study of paranormal related phenomena," Chris says. "As a result of my work through Haunted-Earth Paranormal Investigations, I have received critical acclaim for my videoed studies which are widely distributed across the internet and particularly YouTube, where the Haunted Earth channel remains the top site for original paranormal material."

Chris writes and performs all narrations and he is the director and producer of the video's. He has provided material for CNN News (USA) and a TV documentary on the paranormal which is being completed for presentation shortly on a major American TV network. 


Check out the Website: http://www.haunted-earth.org

With SuperNatural ParaNormalities we're gonna follow this awsome YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Constantine99999

Friday, December 11, 2009

Merlin's Doomsday Chronicles

There are far more "Doomsday Chronicles" than the ones that are hyped now, featuring Nostradamus or the Mayan Calendar. They mostly regenerate very ancient symbols of religion, myth and magic and they don't forecast necessarily an Apocalypse 2012 scenario. One of the finest examples is Merlin's Doomsday Prophecy... But the good old wizard of the Arthurian legends has left us some other really fascinating End of the World visions too...

Photo by alicepopkorn (cc Flickr)
Photo by alicepopkorn (cc Flickr)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting To Know Nostradamus – Neatorama

These days, everyone’s heard of Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus, but most people just know that he was one of the most famous seers in history. Most people don’t really know about his specific predictions, his life or why he’s so famous. To help clear the air and to celebrate Nostradamus’ December 14 birthday, here’s a bit of info on the most famous psychic in history.

"What You’ve Heard About His Life Is Probably Wrong"


More about "The Great Plague of Misinformation" in:

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The Fantastic in Art and Fiction

Sponsored by Cornell University's Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC) this image-bank provides a visual resource for the study of the Fantastic or of the supernatural in fiction and in art. While the site emerges from a comparative literature course on the topic at Skidmore College, it is also intended to open the door to consideration of some of the constant structures and patterns of fantastic literature, and the problems they raise. In this sense, the materials presented here may find a use among students in a variety of disciplines.

In order to take maximum advantage of the materials in the Cornell collections, it seemed best not to adhere to a strict definition of either the Fantastic or its predecessor, the Marvelous, as these have emerged in literary criticism and theory. It will be useful, nevertheless, to note some general markers which have informed the choices implicit in these pages. In the context of western literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, The Fantastic involves dread, fear and anxiety in the face of phenomena that escape rational explanation, or that reveal the notion of reality to be no more than a construct. A fantastic experience can therefore be likened to the breaking or shattering of a frame. While the literary fantastic is limited to the last 200 years, the Fantastic in art can be construed more broadly. This elasticity allowed us to choose images from works spanning a period from medieval manuscripts and printed incunabulae, to the early twentieth century.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creative Dreaming

Dreams play a large role in creativeness and throughout history not only have literary figures been inspired by dreams but painters, musicians, scientists, architects and even inventors have become inspired by thier dreams to go on and do something great from this inspiration.

After awaking from a horrific nightmare one stormy night Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein:

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Has anyone ever had a dream that was so vivid it seemed real and upon waking from this dream you obtained some kind of insight or inspiration? Personally, I for one have on many occasions. In fact I wrote a whole manuscript based on a dream or rather a series of dreams, 300 pages! I remember in the first dream, the one of the most importance, I was sitting on grassy slope directly under a tree. It was a wooded area but the type of place that would make a lovely spot for a picnic. A being of light made his way to me and stood over me and said “You are a writer, you always have been and you always will be!” I did not say anything in the dream as I felt it was in my best interests to listen rather then be heard. He then pointed to my hands and instantly a pen and paper appeared and he said, “Write this!"

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Creative Dreaming

by Mystify 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Help... Our House Is Haunted!

Fool's Day 2008, Ed Mittelstedt starts a blog called "Our House is Haunted". Four years earlier, Ed had this house built on the outskirts of New Windsor, Maryland - an old town, with a  history dating back to the late 18th century. The house was built on the eastern side of gentle rolling Hawks Hill, overlooking a small valley of corn fields now slowly being turned into a limestone quarry... 

It was the start of a story with the stuff movies are made of, like Paranormal Activity or the Amityville Horror...

Heavy Boots on the Second Floor

On an unusually warm January day in 2004, Ed and his wife Holly brought his parents to the construction site, with the will still only framed out and the floors still plywood. As they were mounting the steps from the garage into the kitchen, they all heard heavy steps, like boots, slow and determined, on the second floor directly above them. Ed and his dad went upstairs, but there was no one. Maybe some local teen had escaped out one of the windows. Although the jump was too high and all the windows were shut...

Four years later, on April 1, Ed realized that this had been his first ghost encounter in the house, that it happened during daylight hours... and that his house was not even built yet, and already haunted.

Why did he suddenly want to expose now to the world what was going on in his house? "I guess because I'm pissed off," he says. "I'm pissed because if I dare stay awake more than 10 minutes after the lights go out at night, I will start to hear things moving around in my room, like someone walking softly on the carpet. I will hear things being moved, picked up, softly put down. It's terrifying. Hopefully someone out there will see this information and will be able to provide some insight into what's going on."

What follows is a story that often sounds like a minor Amityville Horror. On April 15, 2004, Ed and his wife Holly and their three daughters moved into the house that was custom-built. "Little did we know then that only four years later we would be experiencing paranormal activity. And now I ask myself every night: how can my new house be haunted?"

Ghost Stories & Ghostly Encounters

Ed Mittelstedt collected some New Windsor ghost story material. A woman hung herself at the top of the Hawks Hill from an oak tree that no longer existed. There was a barn fire in the 1800s during Christmas season, with a little girl being trapped in it... and still haunting the nearby house. The old New Windsor Road used to be a toll road for carriages, and it was said the road was haunted: at night you could hear the sound of carriages and hoofsteps. That sort of stuff.

The first real "encounter" happened to Shelby and Sophia, some time in 2005 - but they only told their parents about it in 2008. The girls were 7 and 6 when they saw "a shadow person" walking through the bedroom door of their parents out onto the second floor landing, stepping over their toys and passing by them within inches, before disappearing in Ed's office. They described this shadow person as "tall, all black and with a featureless face". Was it the ghost of a Civil War soldier? (In 1864, the New Windsor area was raided by Confederate troops.)
In november 2006 a mysterious scratch appeared on Holly's back. She first noticed it in the shower. The scratch looked like two claws and in 2008 the scars were still visible. One morning in January 2008, Holly heard a sigh from behind her, definitely human-sounding. The dog started to growl and walk around for several minutes, looking for the source of the strange voice. Some time she woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and  when she crawled back into bed, someone whispered right in her face and said: “Hi!”

An Expressway, Ghosts Only...

One night in the spring of 2008, Holly and Ed had a fight and Ed needed to get away to cool off, but he didn't want to drive anywhere. So he sat in his truck in the driveway and listened to some gaming podcasts. It was just past twilight, almost completely dark: "At one point I looked to my left up the hill towards the neighbor’s house behind us, and saw what I can only describe as someone wearing a black cape “floating” very fast up the hill. The “cape” was billowing behind the figure. I thought it was a kid in a Dracula cape running up the hill but it was moving way too fast, and there were no legs visible."

In a few seconds the apparition was gone. It made him remember that Holly thought she had seen "a shadowy dog" run up the hill towards the house. "Is there some sort of "highway" that goes across my property?" Ed asks the readers of his blog. "Is my house smack dab in the middle of ghost expressway? Is the shit I keep hearing at night now just wayward spirits stopping temporarily on their journey?"

Later, and while in the bedroom, Holly would heard out of nowhere a voice calling someone named Melanie.
Was it a mother calling a daughter? Could Melanie be the name of the woman who hung herself at Hawks Hill?


That's when Ed started to record the sounds in the house with a digital voice recorder: "I ended up picking a Sony ICQ-B600 for around $50. It's far from the top of the line, but it stores over 50 hours of sound, and can split recordings on the fly. (...) I have decided to the start recording my house while I sleep, just so I can prove to myself and hopefully others that something is going on in my house. (...) I want to know what's in my house."

Here are some very strange EVP Recordings.

And this is the peculair story of Sleepy Time Ernie. 

Click on the title to get the latest news from "Our House Is Haunted".