Saturday, December 12, 2009

Haunted Earth - Paranormal Investigations

Every town has its haunted mansion

The blurb for "Haunted Earth - Internet Television & Documentaries" reads as follows: "The Number One Internet Site for Original Paranormal Video and Live Streaming Investigations" - and, for once, the blurb says exactly what I think about this YouTube Channel.

Haunted Earth (Paranormal UK) and Haunted Earth America both consist of ardent ghost hunters and paranormal documentary makers based in North Essex, U.K. They do regular investigations into the paranormal and the clips of the YouTube Channel are extracted from these investigations. The Channel was created with the intention of "showing real paranormal events as they happen, and not created specially for TV audiences."

Leader of the band is Chris Halton, an internationally recognised paranormal investigator, medium and practitioner of "hands on healing". For many years, Chris had a professional career as a police officer and was trained as an intelligence officer and detective.

"Employing modern policing skills in the assessment and dissemination of intelligence data, I have been able to utilise my mediumship ability to provide a detailed and thorough study of paranormal related phenomena," Chris says. "As a result of my work through Haunted-Earth Paranormal Investigations, I have received critical acclaim for my videoed studies which are widely distributed across the internet and particularly YouTube, where the Haunted Earth channel remains the top site for original paranormal material."

Chris writes and performs all narrations and he is the director and producer of the video's. He has provided material for CNN News (USA) and a TV documentary on the paranormal which is being completed for presentation shortly on a major American TV network. 


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