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Does The Past Take Us Out of Our Minds? | Socyberty

Does The Past Take Us Out of Our Minds?

by Mr Ghaz
The hypothesis of the British biochemist Rupert Sheldrake - that the brain is not a warehouse full of memories but a device for “tuning them in” -  also offers support for the idea of a collective unconscious put forth by the eminent Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Jung theorized that there was a pool of unconscious images and wisdom shared by all humans. Could the collective unconscious be a form of species memory, a sum of human experience that out morphogenetic field passes on to us? Does the Past Take Us Out of Our Minds?


Does The Past Take Us Out of Our Minds? | Socyberty

Friday, November 27, 2009

Psychic Vampires

Tell tale signs of being engaged by a Psychic vampire...

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This may be a very unrealistic idea to a lot of people. The concept of a psychic vampire may seem too bizarre to persons with logical minds, however there are symptoms, after effects of being attacked or engaged by one of them.
The feeling of being drained after a conversation in real life or online with someone. Did this person make you feel drained or energized after a conversation with them? Did you feel inspired or virtually sucked dry of ideas?

Full story:

Psychic Vampires

by cassandra antares


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Curse of Shakespeare's Scottish Play Macbeth

Don't mention the name of "that play"! The Unmentionable is considered to bring bad luck to its cast...

Apparently, the story that Macbeth was cursed sprang up on its opening night in 1606. The actor who was playing Lady Macbeth became mysteriously ill and Shakespeare himself had to step into his shoes. Macbeth was commissioned by king James I, who attended the opening night. It was a right royal disaster. Fifty years had to pass before Macbeth was performed again!

Macbeth tells of the dangers of the lust for power and the betrayal of friends. Amidst thunder and lightning, three witches greet the Scottish general Macbeth and his friend Banquo with prophecies. They proclaim that he shall be "King hereafter" and that Banquo shall father a new line of kings. Immediately, Macbeth begins to harbour ambitions of becoming the king of Scotland. He writes to his wife about the prophecy and when King Duncan decides to stay at Macbeths' castle at Inverness, Lady Macbeth makes a plan to murder him. Macbeth kills his king, but it leaves him totally shaken. Lady Macbeth has to take charge now. In order to secure their throne, they will have to kill and murder again and again and again...
Since 1606, there have been a string of deaths and misfortunes associated with "Macbeth".  In 1667, the dark and gruesome tragedy was rewritten as a frivolous light-hearted musical, complete with dancing and a flying ballet. This version, with three singing witches, was revived in 1703 during a puritan backlash against the theatre. During its run the worst storm in England's history occured: a half thousand seamen died, Bristol was destroyed and London severely damaged. The hurricane expressed God's wrath, the puritans said.
The original text was restored by Kemble at Drury Lane in 1794. At one performance, an actor playing the role of Macbeth sustained a near-fatal stab wound. Passionate fights were enacted with real weapons, and it is known that an actor playing the role of Macduff came away without thumbs, hacked off by the fiery Macbeth.  In 1849, there was a riot in which more than 30 people died at the Astor Place Opera House, where "The Unmentionable" was playing.
In the 1937 production at the Old Vic in London, the director got nearly killed in a car crash. Vera Lindsay, playing Lady Macbeth, was also badly bruised. The star of the production, the famous actor Laurence Olivier, lost his voice and almost died when a weight from the stage lights came tumbling down. After this incident, the the founder of the theatre, Lilian Bayliss, had a heart attack and died on the opening night. Later a member of  the audience was hit by a fragment of Olivier's sword, and died also of a heart attack.
A wartime production with John Gielgud as Macbeth may hold the record. The Third Witch fell ill and died of a heart attack during the final rehearsal and the actor playing King Duncan died of angina. A witch was dancing round the cauldron, but could not maintain the tempo of the music. She collapsed and died on stage. And the set designer committed suicide.
In 1947, the promising young actor Harold Norman played Macbeth. In the final scene, Norman feel - but instead of dying on stage as rehearsed, he crawled into the wings. 'I've been stabbed,' he whispered to the stage director. He was taken to a hospital and died a month later. Later it emerged that, in the dressing-room he shared with another actor, Norman had begun quoting from "The Unmentionable", refusing to stop even when warned.
Charlton Heston has played Macbeth several times. In 1953 he took the role in an open-air production at Fort St Catherine, Bermuda. During rehearsals he had a motorbike crash, during the first performance he had to ride a horse bareback in the first scene. Heston suddenly rushed off stage, pointing at his thights, writhing in pain and yelling: "Get them off me!" - Whoever had laundered the thights had dipped them in kerosene and the sweat of the horses and the heat caused serious burns on Heston's legs and groin. Later, Macbeth's castle came down burning as planned, but the wind blew flames and smoke into the audience, causing a stampede. Fortunately, nobody died in or during this production.
In 1954, the Old Vic went on the road again with "that Scottish play". The company manager broke both legs in a car accident, an electrician sustained severe burns, there was an attempted suicide and two of the actresses had abortions. A year later, Olivier played Macbeth again, with Vivien Leigh as his Lady. A film version was prepared, but the producers got cold feet, deciding that stars like Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh could not guarantee a good box-office... after Vivien Leigh had been in Gone With the Wind and Olivier's film versions of Henry V, Hamlet and Richard III all had been hits.
In 1961, during the Shakespeare Festival at Stratford, Connecticut, an actor on a bike was knocked over by a car. Het was joined in hospital by one of the witches, who fell from a stage lift. In the last month of the season, Franklin Clover was playing Macbeth in the White House before JFK. He got injured and developed a cyst under his arm, was operated but continued playing. A young colleague was found dying of stab wounds, the murderer was never found. The company manager got himself murdered too, in his Boston apartment. 
In 1970, an actor of the Liverpool Repertory Theatre playing Macbeth was hit in the eye by a sword, his Lady caught flu, wich spread, so five understudies were needed... Etcetera, etcetera...

"If you take any play as popular as Macbeth, you'll find a catalogue of disasters attached to its history," Michael Bogdanov of the English Shakespeare Company stated. He had been on the road six months with a production of Macbeth without any calamities. Sceptics have pointed out that a play involving so many battles, duels and murders, taking place mostly at night (meaning dim lighting), is bound to cause accidents. Playing "that Play" is emotionally and physically exhausting, and you have to get up and down steps and rostrums, and even with blunted swords, cuts and bruises are only to be expected...
The believers, on the other hand, have proved that Shakespeare went too far in his desire for authenticity, by using genuine black magic recipes. The foul ingredients of the witches' brew in Act I, Scene 3 - scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,... - were not solely the product of Shakespeare's imagination. In his book Supernatural on Stage, actor-director Richard Huggett claims that there is overwhelming evidence that the three witches in Macbeth do use genuine black magic incantations, whereby Shakespeare invoked a fatal and irrevocable curse on the play.
King James himself had previously published a book on witches and how to detect them. In an effort to please the King, for the opening scene of Act IV, Shakespeare reproduced a sacred black-magic ritual. A group of witches danced around a black cauldron, throwing ingredients into it and shouting out strange phrases. Some say that it is also possible the practitioners of this sort of rituals were not very amused by Shakespeare's public exposure of their witchcraft, and so they decided to cast their own spell on the play...
Maybe you can keep this in mind while you listen to the Witches Song from "that Scottish Play", Double Double Toile and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble. And rembember... Quoting from "The Unmentionable" is absolutely not done, but music from it is similarly avoided at all costs by actors, who fear it will have devastating consequences!

(Original article by Patrick Bernauw.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dream Journeys: Part Seven – Alexander Returns | Authspot

Resolution, flight and the dead. Journeys in dreams show all these and much more. Yet another friend, who had passed away several years ago, returned in a queer dream to reassure. So clear was this nighttimes’ imagining that today I feel forced to tell. It was a journey not far from here, in this very neighbourhood. This great friend of mine, gripped by insanity, had passed away without my knowledge. In a dream he came back to comfort me and tell me he was dead. This – “Salt of the Earth,” a gallant of Sydney – was able to impress upon me that the, “afterlife,” was just fine.

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Dream Journeys: Part Seven – Alexander Returns | Authspot

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Out Worlders Return  - "An augury-dream I had last night about other world beings coming to Earth."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dream Journeys of James DeVere

"Being a vivid dreamer, all my life, it’s an opportunity to recount stories from my dreams," says James DeVere in the Introduction to his awesome and amazing Dream Journeys. "Always a vivid dreamer, it’s as if travelling the world whilst asleep, is my destiny. Vivid dreams, almost complete tales, occur when sleeping. Recounting them could be interesting, not only to expunge them from my mind, but also for anecdotes from the realm of my slumber. My nighttime imaginings seem real to me. These are my dreams..."

Dream Journeys: Part One - Nightmare in Iran
In a nightmare, I journeyed to
Tehran, where I was shown home truths.

Nightmare in Tehran - Image by Hamed Saber via Flickr

Dream Journeys: Part Two - The French Magus
After launching my bio on the Web in 1997, including my
Papua New Guinea foray, I had a strange imagining whilst I slept.

Dashing - Image via Wikipedia

In 1997, at the time my bio was published, I lived in Sydney. I would paint art all day – life was happy for me then. I created full-time, in my charming atelier, in that high-end of town. I can’t recall the exact time of year, day or date I had this extraordinary dream but one night I had a dream that, I feel was related to my initial Web site...

Dream Journeys: Part Three - Meeting Raoul and Fidel
This dream had me at top level consultation with the Castro Brothers.

Just a few months ago I dreamt I was in Havana, Cuba. For some reason I had been summoned by none other than the great leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro. The dream was some communication, although the words we exchanged were silent and hidden.

Image via Wikipedia

Dream Journeys: Part Four - Teaching People to Fly
Flying dreams form a great deal of my nighttimes’ wanderings. I even teach others how to fly in my dreams.

One exceptional dream journey took me all the way to the Kingdom of Britain where I met lovely Princess Diana.

Image via Wikipedia

Dream Journeys: Part Six - a Journey with My Dead Grandma
Just last night I dreamt of my deceased Grandma. We travelled across the parched land.

I wonder at times whether dreams are a way the dead can contact the living. As I get deeper into the telling of my dream journeys I find that dreams of the deceased have formed many a dream. Last night, a vivid dream saw me travelling with my Grandma, who has been dead for twenty-one years. This is a journey of a meeting with someone who was special to my formative years. I felt she returned to check how I was and how our family is today...

John Titor - Time Traveler


Although there is debate over the exact date it started, on November 02, 2000, a person calling themselves Timetravel_0, and later John Titor, started posting on a public forum that he was a time traveler from the year 2036.

One of the first things he did was post pictures of his time machine and its operations manual. As the weeks went by, more and more people began questioning him about why he was here, the physics of time travel and his thoughts about our time. He also posted on other forums including the now non-existent Art Bell site. In his posts John Titor entertained, angered, frightened and even belittled those who engaged him in conversation.

On March 21, 2001, John Titor told us he would be leaving our and returning to 2036. After that, he was never heard from again. Speculation and investigation about who John Titor was and why he was online continues to this day.

Although it may be easy to dismiss all this as science fiction, most people who read his posts agree that there is something very haunting about John Titor and what he said. In addition, and open to more debate, he also made a series of predictions and comments that eerily seem to be coming true. 

One of the last pictures John Titor posted is showing a cut-a-way of his time machine.

Appearing on the Internet, a mysterious individual named John Titor claimed to be a time-traveler from the year 2036. During numerous online discussions in forums and chat rooms from November 2000 to March 2001, he discussed the future, the mechanics of time travel and his feelings about our society. Meanwhile, the cyberspace interloper dropped hints of impending revolution, civil war and nuclear destruction. Amazingly, he has yet to be proven a hoax, and some of his predictions have already come to pass. Whether truly from a distant tomorrow or a science-fiction phony, John Titor offers a thought-provoking forecast."
--from Hustler Magazine, March 2005 Issue

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John Titor - Time Traveler

A Strange Sight I Saw at Tanjung Kling Beach, Malacca | Authspot

18 March 2009..From the middle of the boiling and foaming appeared a bright blue ball of light. The light slowly and ponderously rose from the sea bottom, all the time emitting the roaring sound…


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A Strange Sight I Saw at Tanjung Kling Beach, Malacca | Authspot

Monday, November 16, 2009

This Man In The Mirror

Since that moment, This Man
is appearing in my dreams.
He asks me if I do recognise Him.
"I'm Doctor Dee," he says.
"I invaded your Mind & Soul
with my Black Magical Mirror,
I came through
the Looking Glass and now I am
the Guy in control
of your body
and your brain.

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This Man In The Mirror
I Came Through the Shew Stone of Doctor Dee to Visit You in Your Dreams

Some are thinking I’m Brazilian,
a schoolteacher
type of guy with six
fingers on my right hand,
but you know better,
don’t you?
They’re following me
on the SuperNatural ParaNormalities Site,
you know.
I’m famous,
at last.

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This Man Who Visits You In Your Dreams Is...

Chris Marlowe II, better known as theTroll of Triond, has a little announcement to make. This Man who is appearing in the dreams of thousands of people all over the world has been identified, at last. It is nobody else than Chris Marlowe II, the One &  Only...

"New York, January 2006. It was my face the patient of a well-known psychiatrist was drawing on a sheet of paper. “This Man,” she said, “is has been repeatedly appearing in my dreams. I have never met him before, and yet he gives me all sorts of advice on private matters.”
The face that was recognized some time later by another patient of the same shrink, was mine. “In my waking live I have never seen This Man before,” the patient said, “but he is visiting me in my dreams.”
It was my face that was recognized by four patients of the psychiatrist’s colleagues. They all referred to me as “This Man"."

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This Man is Chris Marlowe Ii | Authspot

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dreams of This Man...

 Here are Three AweSome Dreams of This Man:

  1. A tall, dark man is showing you a picture and asking you if you recognise your father in it. You have never seen This Man in the Picture before.
  2. Even though he is really ugly, you fell in love with him from the very first time you dreamt of him. Each and every time, This Man sweeps you off your feet with his romantic gestures and sweet words.
  3. You are flying in the sky over your city and observing your friends from up there... where you meet This Man. He flies there too, but he never says something.
Click on the title for More Dreams of This Man!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Are You Dreaming of This Man Too?

Every night and all over the world thousands of people are seeing This Man in their dreams:

If his face appears in your dreams too or if you have information to identify This Man,  you are kindly invited to contact This Website.

Is This Man an Archetype, a SuperNatural Being, a ParaNormal Dream Surfer?
Is This Man a sample of viral marketing, just another alternate reality game... or both? 
Is This Man perhaps something creepier? Like, let's say, an experiment in mind control, in thought and/or dream manipulation?

New York, January 2006. The patient of a well-known shrink draws the face of This Man, who has been repeatedly visiting her… in her dreams. Though she has never met This Man before, he gives her all sorts of advice on private matters. The drawing lies forgotten for some days on the desk of the psychiatrist, until another patient recognizes the face of This Man, that has often appeared in his dreams. He also says he has never seen This Man in his waking life…

The shrink sends the drawing to some of his colleagues with patients who have recurrent dreams. Four patients recognize the portrait as that of the frequent visitor in their dreams. They all refer to him as “This Man”. From early 2006 until today, more than 2000 people in many cities all over the world, have claimed This Man appeared in their dreams:




There seems to be no common trait or ascertained relation among these people, and until today no man has been recognized as This Man…

Here on SuperNatural ParaNormalities, we will follow the Enigma of This Man... and we will try to give you an explanation. The website dedicated to This Man wants to help those people who have dreamt about This Man and help them to communicate with each other. The site also aims to understand who is This Man and why he appears in the dreams of all these people.


Several theories have already been developed to explain the mysterious phenomenon. 
Is This Man, according to the psychoanalytic theory of Carl Gustav Jung, an archetypical image that surfaces in times of hardship? 
Is This Man one of the forms in which God is manifesting Himself today? 
Is This Man a real person who can enter people’s dreams, thanks to his very specific paranormal skills? 
Is there a mental conditioning plan behind This Man, developed by a major corporation? 
Can the phenomenon be explained by the “dream imitation theory”, whereby people become so deeply impressed that they also begin to see This Man in their dreams? 
Is the image of This Man an instrument which facilitates recognition in our waking life, because of its undefined oneirical nature?

One thing is for sure, the domain name of This Man’s website is registered by Andrea Natella, the director of an Italian advertising agency. Is This Man, in other words, an unconventional form of advertising? Does This Man have a hidden marketing agenda? Is This Man a demonstration of how things go viral? Is This Man the name of a new alternate reality game

Or is This Man, really, something creepier yet... and beyond our imagination?

What do you think?


Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Want to give it a try? Then sign up using this link:

All the best!

Patrick Bernauw

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Mystique, Magic, Myths and Superstitions of Mirrors

The Mystique, Magic, Myths and Superstitions of Mirrors

by C Jordan  

“I looked in the mirror and what did I see…”
What does one see when one looks in a mirror? Is it merely as the song says “…A nine stone weakling with knobbly knees…” Or is there more to be seen in a mirror than one’s own reflection?
Mirrors have a certain mystique about them, which gives rise to beliefs, magic, myths, legends and superstitions.
Amongst many things they have been seen as a “tool of the devil”, a “catcher” of the soul, a harbinger of things to come, a portal to another dimension and a source of bad luck.
But what are these beliefs myths and superstitions and where do they come from?

Image source

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." (Trad)

To some the mirror is seen as a portal through which good or evil may pass.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Spiritualist Incident Regarding the Whereabouts of an English Greyhound...

In her book "There Is No Death" (1891), Florence Marryat relates some very strange "spiritual encounters" that took place in her "home circle"... 

"There Is No Death" is being fully published on the GhostWritings Blog now, and here you'll find:  The Biography of Florence Marryat. One of the true stories told in "There Is No Death", is that of the Whereabouts of the English Greyhound...

Florence had a beautiful English greyhound called Clytie, a gift from  a deard friend of hers. Once this dog was often straying from her house to a rather objectionable quarter near Portobello Road, London. This quarter was composed of inferior shops, one of which - a fried fish shop - was an intolerable nuisance, and used to fill the air around with its rich perfume.
On one occasion Clytie stayed away from home so much longer than usual, that Florence was afraid she was lost and posted bills offering a reward for her. That evening, the spirit Charlie came to the table of her Spiritualist Home Circle, and said: “Don’t offer a reward for the dog. Send for her.”
“Where am I to send?” Florence asked.
“She is tied up at the fried fish shop in Portobello Road. Send the cook to see.”
Florence told the servant in question that she had heard the greyhound was detained at the fish shop, and sent her to inquire.  And indeed, the servant returned with Clytie... On making inquiries, the man in the shop had been very insolent to her, and she had raised her voice in reply. Then she had heard and recognized the sharp, peculiar bark of the greyhound from an upper storey, and - running up before the man could prevent her - she had found Clytie tied up to a bedstead with a piece of rope. She had called in a policeman to enable her to take the dog away...
"I have often heard the assertion that Spiritualism is of no practical good, and, doubtless, it was never intended to be so," Florence notes, "but this incident was, at least, an exception to the rule..."

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The Traveling Coffin of Charles Coughlan | Socyberty

The Traveling Coffin of Charles Coughlan | Socyberty

Charles Coughlan consulted a fortune teller to gauge his success as an actor. He was told that he would die at the height of his fame in a southern city, and that he would have no rest until he returned to the place of his birth. Here is one of my favorite “synchronicity” stories: the events are not causally related, and yet they are occurring together in a meaningful manner.

Image by kitonlove via Flickr

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Monday, November 2, 2009

SuperNatural Paranormalities, by Suzanne Hayes

SuperNatural ParaNormalities, by s hayes

Click on the titles to read the full articles:

A Medical Mystery: Transferred Organ Donor Consciousness

Many recipients of organ transplants, (hearts/lungs, liver, kidney) have reported significant personality changes – which in many cases, correspond to the traits of the organ donor. Could the donor’s personality, memories or consciousness remain within their tissue cells and be passed on to another human being? Transplant surgery only began to be developed in the 1970’s, so it is a relatively new technique...


10 Amazing Coincidences

We have all come across coincidences in our lives. To some they are amazing and worthy of note, to the skeptics, it is just the law of probability. Check out these 10 examples of coincidence and let me know what you think.


The Orb Phenomenon

A well reported phenomenon, but have we dismissed the potential for further investigation too soon?
Since the introduction of digital photography, strange orbs of light, usually invisible to the human eye, have appeared on photographs. Orbs photographs have been found on the older 35mm photography – but were not as prevalent. I guarantee that if you check through your digital photograph collection, you will find one, somewhere...

Life Beyond the Physical Body

Theories and events which point towards life beyond the physical body.

A monumental question which has intrigued the whole of mankind, throughout history – Is there life / consciousness beyond the physical body? Science has analysed every element, every organ, every process of the human body, and the evidence suggests that when the body fails, we simply cease to exist.
Yet, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence to hand, there remain a large percentage of the population who believe that a human life is more than the sum of its parts and that the consciousness, the spirit or soul transcends the physical form.

Time Machine, Three Trips: Where Would You Go?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a time machine? Researchers speculate that, in a model theory, time travel is possible. The theory is set out in the following link:

The possibilities would be endless – so why not take the opportunity to stretch your imagination for a few minutes. There are no right or wrong answers, everyone comes up with different answers, and it can give a revealing insight into a persons’ personality and interests.

These are the rules:

  • You can choose just three times / places to visit;
  • Your visits must be back in time (not forward);
  • You can only observe from a safe distance (a fly on the wall view) – you cannot interact or change events;
  • You cannot use the visits to achieve personal wealth – only to gain knowledge / experience of historical events / characters;
  • Visits must be to earth (and it’s moon) only and you cannot go back to any point prior to the existence of the fully formed planet Earth;
  • Your time machine can be programmed to visit a specified event / person – even if you don’t have an exact date.