Monday, January 18, 2010

Do Trees Talk? Some Scientists Think They Do!

“Stones have been known to move and trees to speak,”said Shakespeare’s Macbeth, voicing an old superstition. Today a team of scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle, led by Professor David b F. Rhoades, claim to have evidence that prove that trees really do “talk.’’ Humans cannot hear their conversation, but one can be understood by another.

Do Trees Talk? Some Scientists Think They Do

By Mr Ghaz


  1. I don't think so but who knows, a good post though

  2. I have been friends with trees for as long as I can remember. Intuitively from a child I would sit under them, climb up into them and hug them. I always "felt" that they could hear my words even though sometimes no words were said - rather that they could read my thoughts & offer a soothing balm to my worries. I still sit under trees and share my life's stories with them. OK I may be mad - highly probable, given my genes, BUT my point is no-one told me about their abilities. My actions were based purely on intuition! - the intuition of a child - Magical
    I realise that the post is regarding the issue of tree ability to communicate with each other - only a short step to believe that they can communicate with human beings - isn't it?