Monday, May 17, 2010

I like my vampires evil | Pop Culture |

I like my vampires evil

Rosanne O'Malley

Twilight, et al, have lost the thread that made vampires so compelling in the first place.


Shawn Allen

Lately, every time my teen-aged daughter and I go to the bookstore, we find the shelves stocked with a plethora of vampire books. Not the evil vampire; but the moody, broody, hotter-than-heck, "don’t want to turn the feisty heroine into the undead" kind. The fantasy sub-genre vampire romances are flying off the shelves, in both young adult and adult categories.
The vampire, a romantic hero? According to Caity, the untypical teen: not! “I don’t like them,” she said, teeth gritted, as she tossed another “promising title turning out to be about hottie vampires” reject into a growing pile.
Certainly, her friends and contemporaries don't agree with her…
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I like my vampires evil | Pop Culture |

Sunday, May 16, 2010

True Wisconsin Werewolf Story!

By magnoliazz

Egyptian Anubis, this is exactly the kind of creature I saw!

A True Account Of A Supernatural Being

Many people do not believe in the paranormal unless they have an encounter with it themselves. I have to admit, I would not believe in strange stuff either, but over the years I have experienced the paranormal, the strange and the bizarre first hand.
The following account really happened to me! I believe I saw something that could only be a werewolf or an Egyptian Anubis, a demon with the body of a man with the head of a wolf.
The year was 1985. The place is Wisconsin, where many reports of werewolves and dogmen have been reported…

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True Wisconsin Werewolf Story!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Pull of The Land: The Curious Phenomenon of Magnetic Roadways | Socyberty


by Mr Ghaz
Whatever the explanation, the phenomenon is not unique to Croy; there are similar places all over the world. One example can be found on the road to Jerusalem near the village of Djabal Moukaber, Israel. And on Mystery Hill, a small area between Boone and Blowing Rocks, North Carolina, a river reportedly flows north and apple trees grow into the prevailing winds, seemingly in complete defiance of the laws of nature.

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The Pull of The Land: The Curious Phenomenon of Magnetic Roadways | Socyberty

Sunday, May 9, 2010