Monday, October 18, 2010

Chronicles of Contact Four ` Where Objects be Occupants – Hynek’s Scale | Socyberty

Impossible discussions about aliens is grounded in experience of flying objects. The Hynek Scale, however, reveals people’s experience with not only alien craft but their pilots, too.

A roadmap to the stars.

Source: Brazilian UFO drawing from The Disclosure Project


J. Alan Hynek wrote in his 1975 book, “The UFO Experience; a Scientific Enquiry,” of placing the many UFO ( Unidentified Flying Object / Occupant ) apparitions into a clear, single system. The Hynek Scale names the various types, forms and shapings of contacts with universal craft and, most importantly, their crews; whomever they are.
This web series aims to move beyond the object and focus on the occupants; or the humanity behind it all. This is why Hynek’s scale is so vital, it frames the UFO experience into one single, scientific map we all can read.

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by James DeVere:

Chronicles of Contact Four ` Where Objects be Occupants – Hynak’s Scale | Socyberty

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