Friday, October 15, 2010

The Magnificent Opal: A Gem of ill Omen?

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The opal is a gem of magical beauty; in its depths flash brilliant sparks of constantly changing colors that have entranced and fascinated people for centuries. Considered by many to be the most precious of stones, the opal is also the most fragile, and it’s sensitively to light, atmosphere, and temperature has given it an air of unpredictable that has added to its appeal.

But despite its unique properties – or perhaps because of them – the opal, more than any other stone, has inspired bigotry and superstition. Over the centuries it has waxed and waned in public favor, being viewed alternately as a charm for good luck and as an object of fear and dread.
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The Magnificent Opal: A Gem of ill Omen?

by Mr Ghaz

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