Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some Cats Find Their Way Back to Their Real Home Even After Journeys of Hundreds of Miles: How Do They Do It? | The Real Owner

Cats may like to stay out at night, but they almost always come home. In fact, some have taken their liking for familiar surroundings for extremes. Numerous stories tell of cats who move to a return to their old haunts a few days later. And some cats find their way back to their “real” home even after journeys of hundreds of miles. How do they do it?

Apparently, cats navigate by the sun. On home ground they register where the sun is positioned in the sky at certain times of the day. If a cat is lost or far from home, it works by trial and error until it finds the place where the position of the sun matches what is lodged in its memory. By then the cat has probably recognized the familiar landmarks and smells of its own territory as well.

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  1. Very cool piece I believe this happens all of the time not just with cats but varies animals.
    we once when I was a small girl had a cat that we had to get rid of and so we carried him off some 40 miles from us 2 weeks later he came home and we knew it was him as well due to the markings on him and they way he acted. It is very strange how they do this but very amazing. Thanks