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The Mystery of Ancient Celts: Guardians of Sacred Lore

According to some classical sources, including Strabo and Caesar, it took a druid up to twenty years to learn everything he or she had to know-all without the aid of writing. Even in later centuries, storytelling from memory was a prized skill.

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 The Greek author Strabo and the Roman general Julius Caesar, among other classical observers; give long accounts of the role of the druids, who commanded the utmost respect among the Celts because they were the supreme guardians of the sacred lore. They were experts in divination and prophecy, as well as in the supervision of religious activities, such as ritual sacrifice at sacred lakes and groves. Celtic metalwork recovered from Llyn Bach in Anglesey, Wales, suggests that the site was a druid sanctuary, perhaps even the one referred to by Tacitus as the scene of the druids’ last stand against the Roman invaders of Britain. Druids were also required to memorize long and complex law codes and to give judgments on legal cases.

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