Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Wind Walker

Namaste and welcome to my campfire. I see that several have come to hear the story of the Wind Walker. Please help yourself to some food and drink; let your young ones sit close to my campfire so they may warm themselves by the heat of the fire.

Cover of The Brave [Region 2]

So here we are all together, we honor the Great Spirit as well as our ancestors. Those that once walked the earth long before our time, are here with us and they stand with us now.
Listen young ones, hear the whispers upon the wind. They call out to each of you bringing the messages from spirit to your ears and hearts. Let me relate to you the story of a young brave. He was a very special young soul. He carved himself a flute from the heart of an ancient cedar tree, which grew near our village. Some of the elders grew concerned, because he did not take part in the lessons being taught. He spent all his waking moments sitting and carving out his flute.

The Wind Walker
Full story by:   The Quail 1957  :
 The Wind Walker | Quazen

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