Monday, February 28, 2011

Pyramid of Cathari Gnosis

In an earlier article we explored just what Cathari Gnosis is and is not. Now, we’ll look at this process more closely, breaking down its methodology into the stair steps of a pyramid-like structure.

by Bill M. Tracer

Image Source The Future is Sooner Than You Think  by Bill M. Tracer

As explored in the earlier article, What is Cathari Gnosis?, the word “Cathari”, meaning purified, is the 11th century CE Latin derivation of the Greek origin word, katharoi, “the pure”. Gnosis, also of Greek origin, means “understanding of spiritual mysteries”, or “knowledge of spiritual truths, Cosmic knowledge” or “knowledge of the Eternal or Infinite”.
Cathari = Purified
Gnosis = Knowledge of the Infinite
Therefore Cathari Gnosis (CG) is the process of purifying knowledge of the Eternal. It takes on the form of a pyramid for it begins with a foundation of total inclusiveness, which is the belief that there is truth to be found in every system of belief, every philosophy, every religion the world over and throughout all of history. Unfortunately, there is also falsehood to be found in all these same philosophies and belief systems, as well. No religion is immune to this effect. No spiritual belief system can stand apart from this particular and very Human limitation. No philosophy devised by man can fully explain the meaning of our existence, nor do any have a monopoly on all truth without the inclusion of errors, regardless of claims to the contrary. All philosophies, religions, and schools of thought are man made, thus subject to this limitation. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Pyramid of Cathari Gnosis | Socyberty

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