Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Spirit Revolution


“You say you want a revolution?  We all want to change the world.
But if you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out.
Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright?”

-  John Lennon, Revolution

What is The Spirit Revolution?
The Chartres LabyrinthIn this unprecedented period of history, we have the rare opportunity to truly change ourselves and the world.  On the approach to the energetic changes that will come with the stellar alignments of 2012, there may be no greater opportunity in our lifetimes to seize the opportunities for spiritual evolution.  Our evolution.  R-evolution.
We are tired of the apocalyptic overload that is being thrust upon the world in regards to 2012, and wanted to be a positive force for counter-balancing that fear: fear of destruction, fear of the “end of the world”.  Fear rules, and it can rule absolutely if you feed it with ignorance.  Our mission is to prove that 2012 represents The Beginning of the World, and feed that notion of positive change and hope with wisdom and enlightenment.  Each week we will feature guests with similar and harmonious missions to make the world a more beautiful, joyous and abundant place for all.  We will recommend tools – books, DVDs, websites, courses, programs – to help everyone on their path to a personal and global Spirit Revolution.
Our modern world is dominated by fear while starving for wisdom and deeper spirituality.  Today’s challenge is for all of us to transform and embrace those two qualities ourselves, to create a better world  through our own personal transformation. Thus, the mission of the Spirit Revolution is to create profound, lasting personal and social transformation, through rediscovering the ultimate meaning of spirituality, and applying this to daily life.
The Spirit Revolution

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