Monday, February 21, 2011

What is Cathari Gnosis?

Have you heard of Cathari Gnosis? What is the philosophy of those who embrace this Cathari Gnosis? Is it a specific religious group? Or is it a cult?

To answer these questions we must first break down the ideas behind the terminology “Cathari Gnosis”, thus getting to a root understanding of just what it means.

 Cathari is of Latin derivation from the Greek origin word, katharoi, meaning “the pure” or “purified”. The 11th century French and Italian Cathars chose their name to indicate the view that their beliefs had greater “purity” than did their Catholic contemporaries. Unfortunately, they paid the ultimate price for holding such an extreme view, for they were shamelessly and unjustly murdered by order of Pope Innocent III, who most certainly did not live up to his name.

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