Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, We Survived The Rapture | Socyberty

Yes, May 21, 2011 came and went, and the rapture didn’t happen, as I knew it wouldn’t. According to Harold Camping and his misguided followers it was supposed to occur May 21, 2011. Guess what, they were WRONG!
Uh, Dur, there’s no surprise here.

by Bill M. Tracer in History
Image Source - It Starts With John Nelson Darby: Wikipedia Commons

Harold Camping is following in the foot steps of many dispensationalists, starting with the first of that lot, John Nelson Darby, {November 18, 1800 -April 29, 1882}. In point of fact the use of the term “rapture” is found no where in the Bible, in any language. This concept was incorporated into Christian thought less than 200 years ago, credited to John Nelson Darby, who preached about the “rapture” in the 1830s. So, for more than 1,800 years of Christian history, no Christians anticipated the “rapture”. Throughout that time, no priest or preachers taught about the “rapture”. Jesus did not teach the “rapture”, nor did Paul, nor any of the Disciples. The “rapture” is not of true Christian origin, but Darby’s distorted misinterpretation of Paul’s writing in 1st Thessalonians 4:15-17. John Nelson Darby came up with this delusional misconception during his convalescence following a serious injury when he fell from a horse in October 1827. You’d think if it had any genuine validity as a Christian concept, it would have been a part of Christianity long before Darby fell off that horse. Unfortunately his distorted post horse fall ideas have influenced far too many evangelical and fundamentalists Christian types over the years since then. The entire concept of the “rapture” is little more than wishful thinking escapism, for those who feel they just can’t face the judgments of the tribulation or maybe a way for the “special” to avoid the four horsemen. I can see why Darby might want to avoid those horsemen, after his fall. It is among the most unsound “modern” bits of quasi Christian theology, in all of Christian history, second only to “Dispensationalism”, also credited to post horse fall Darby, which maybe should really be called Sin-sationalism, (sic).
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Well, We Survived The Rapture | Socyberty

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