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Lecture 5: The Programmed Assassin (The Manchurian Candidate)

In his Blue Beam Project lectures, Serge Monast describes how the University of Arizona hosted in January 1991 a conference with the title: 'The NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Current and Emergent Phenomena and Biomolecular Systems.' Their findings stated that the U.S. already developed communications equipment to 'make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk', depending upon a completely new way of looking at the human brain, neuromuscular systems and radiation pulses at ultra-low frequencies. This equipment already has been operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - but obviously not to make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk. It's being used, according to Serge Monast, 'to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations which promote tolerance and peace and development in Central America (...) or which oppose 'the development and deployment of nuclear weapons'. It's being used to create a race of slave automatons, and so-called 'Manchurian Candidates'. Human experimentation is taking place 'on hostages held by the United States and Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Finland and France.'

James C. Lynn published in 1978 a book titled Microwave Auditory Effect and Application, again describing how audible voices could be broadcasted directly into the brain. Mind control technology includes a transmitter that broadcasts at the same frequency as the human nervous system. The device is manufactured by a major defense contractor, the Loral Electro-Optical System in Pasadena, California. Loral has previously conducted research for Lt. Gen. Leonard Perez of the U. S. Air Force, 'who was searching for a weapon that could implant messages into the minds of the enemy, while urging his own troops on to superhuman deeds of valor!' The weapon employed electromagnetic radiation of gigahertz frequencies (or microwaves), pulsed at extremely low frequencies (ELF). It can be used to torture people from a distance, both physically and mentally, and makes it possible to broadcast audible signals directly into the auditory nerve of an individual. This proces is described in various U.S. Defense publications, such as The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Low Intensity Conflict (Captain Paul E. Tyler, Medical Commandant, U.S.), included in a collection entitled, Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Edict (Lt. Col David G. Dean, USAF). The collection was published in 1986 by the Air University Press of Maxwell Airforce Base, Alabama.

The pulse microwave technology which can deliver audible signals directly into the head of a person, is very simple and can be built by using an ordinary police radar gun. In his book The Body Electric, Dr. Robert O. Becker describes a series of experiments in the early sixties, conducted by Allen Frie, and in 1973 at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp. He did some tests in which he proved that he could hear and understand messages delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed microwave audiogram which was an analog of the word's sound vibrations beamed into his brain. 'Such a device has obvious applications for covert operations, designed to drive a target crazey with unknown voices,' Becker stated, 'or to deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.'

Allen Frie also reported he could speed up, slow down or stop the hearts of frogs by synchronizing the pulsed rate of a microwave beam with the heart itself, which shows that is technically feasible to 'produce' heart attacks... as happened to Serge Monast. Ultra high frequency (UHF) electromagnetic energy beams can induce agitation and muscular activity or weakness; they can burn the human skin, aid the effect of drugs, bacteria and poisons, or affect the brain. This was revealed by the CIA in a 1977 testimony of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who directed at that time the MK-Ultra program. 

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