Friday, September 21, 2012

Lecture 6: A George at the Oprah

The Blue Beam Project Lecture 6:

In this Animated Oprah Winfrey Video Show, a George Clooney Clone is programmed to play the part of a Lieutenant Colonel, and to provide further insight into the technical capabilities that are at the disposal of the mind controllers, such as telepathic behavior modification and the inducing of hypnotic states, which could allow agents to act without any conscious knowledge of their programming.
OPRAH: You mean, in movie terms... The Manchurian Candidate?
GEORGE: He lives, Oprah! And he doesn't even require a telephone call!
Via satellites, mind control of people over the entire planet becomes possible.
OPRAH: Jeez, George! You're a hell of a guy!
And she even would have said more... if that had been in her script. But unfortunately, it wasn't.
Is this humor? Satire?
No. It's plain reality, taken right out of the December 1980 edition of the U.S. Army Journal The Military Review, and an article written by Lieutenant Colonel John B. Alexander about, what he called, The New Mental Battlefield.
So folks, let's enjoy this Brave New World of Automatons!

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