Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nostradamus Is Speaking To Me Through Google!

I have a picture of Nostradamus here. Now and then, while working, I look at him, searching for answers... but he never says a word.

Now, some time ago I was writing an article concerning a couple of famous people who were getting married. I wanted more information about these persons and started a Google search, with only the word "there"... Then, there was someone on the phone.

When I returned to my PC, this is what happened to my Google search:

I'm convinced Nostradamus finished the Google search with a piece of Google Poetry. It is obvious the two frist lines are a prediction of what will happen with this showbizz marriage, but in the two last lines Nostradamus himself is explaining to me what he has done. He fixed the communication between his world and mine; his ghost is speaking to me through Google Poetry, 'cause "there is a light that never goes out"!

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