Cold War Baby Blues

They’ve washed your brain, I’m in control of your mind, now. 
They like to play all sort of mind games, you were the Target of their Gang Stalking Operation. 
And now we are going to where we came from, back to Marville, 
with the Cold War Baby Blues.

This video again reached me trough YouSendIt, and the sender again was "Chris T." 
- but who is Chris T.? The young woman we are seeing in a glimpse? 
And who is "Jacky Joe", the person who addresses her? 
An online faction "mystery" story...

You just came too close, Chris T.! 
You caught a glimpse of the truth,and in that case, 
they will make you look like you're just another lunatic. 
There was talk about a UFO crash and aliens who were abducting humans... 
And isn't that exactly the stuff where crazy conspiracy theories are made of?

The year was 1955, and in the little Belgian village of Florenville, 
the Canadians of the RCAF base of Marville, 
also were rockin' around the clock with Bill Haley and his Comets...

Tension is running high, back in those Cold War days from 1961 to 1965,
 while Mummy stands by her man at the RCAF base in Marville. 
There’s the Berlin blockade, and the Cuban crisis, 
and the Kennedy assassination, and the Algerian general’s revolt… 
And all the time, Mummy just sits there, 
watching the children play...

A journey to a mythical place, situated in the center of your mind... 
and the universe. 
Here you can do anything you want, and nothing can ever harm you. 
With your mind you can travel in the universe, or through the time barrier. 
To cure any ailment, any injury, any disease, 
all you have to do is enter the Healing Room, 
and go into the emerald green, magical water of the Fountain of Youth…

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