The Curse of Macbeth

A Halloween Soundscape: Beware the Bewitched!

Featuring the Curse of Macbeth, by William Shakespeare

Halloween Story and Soundscapes: 1./ Musical Soundscape "The Witches' Sabbat" (Fernand Bernauw - 2./ The Curse of William Shakespeare's Scottish Play, also known as "The Unmentionable": Macbeth - A Monologue (Patrick Bernauw) 3./ Casting the Spell with the Witches Brew 'n' Dance (Patrick & Fernand Bernauw) 4./ Burn the Witch, Elisabeth Selwyn (Fernand Bernauw) The Curse of Shakespeare's Scottish Play, also known as the Unmentionable - Mad Monologue of a Shakespearian Witch: Here’s the gruesome but true story of the Curse of Shakespeare’s Scottish play, M A C B E T H. But don’t you mention the name of that play! Don’t read it aloud! Don’t say the word M A C B E T H ! Ever! The Unmentionable will bring bad luck to you all! (Only I may say it loud and clear: ‘Macbeth!’)

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